donderdag 13 juni 2013

Calendar with drawings of Santorini stray animals (this is Irma - January)

My family has had (and still has) several former stray dogs from the Greek islands Santorini and Crete.
Such wonderful dogs! The shelters there are always full because too few of the local inhabitants spay and neuter their animals, and often they let them run free.
I wanted to help the people (mostly volunteers) who run the shelters, and I came up with the idea of designing a 2014 calendar with printed pictures of colored pencil drawings I am now making of animals that are currently in the Santorini shelter. This shelter is run by SAWA (Santorini Animal Welfare Association).

All money that is earned through selling the calendars, will go to the shelter to help the animals.

This is the first picture (January) of Irma, a pointer. Pointers and other hunting dogs are very popular with people who live on Santorini, but unfortunately they also abandon them frequently when they don't want, or need them anymore. A large number lives at the shelter. Irma is lucky enough to have found a home in the US in the near future, but there are many other dogs at the shelter, waiting for a loving home of their own.

Check out SAWA's Facebook page, for more information about what they do and the dogs that live at the shelter.

When ready, it will be possible to order the calendars online through my Facebook page, and I will also post the info here.

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