zaterdag 20 april 2013

Portrait drawing in pencil, 24 x 30cm

A very special 10-year old boy asked me to draw a portrait of his great-grandmother, who died recently.
I don't think it occurred to him that I usually charge money for commissioned portraits, and after hearing why he wanted it, I didn't bring the subject up...He wants to give the portrait to his grandmother "so that she won't be so sad anymore about losing her mother".
I'm going to show him the result this afternoon, and I really hope he likes it. Then we'll go out to buy a frame together.

vrijdag 5 april 2013

'Deer', pencil & graphite pencil, 42x59cm

'Deer'; I just finished this drawing. It was fun drawing this animal that looks both strong and sensitive.
It will probably become part of my 'Never ending' series (see below for more drawings in this series).