vrijdag 9 december 2011

Color pencil drawing of a gate in Oia, Santorini (Greece)

Color pencil drawing on paper, 40 x 60cm

For sale: € 950,- ex VAT. International shipping possible.

This picture was exhibited on Santorini, at Aghios Artemios traditional houses in Vourvoulos, from August 1st - October 1st, during the Santorini Biennale of Arts.

If you walk down the main street in Oia, and turn left, and then left again, before you reach the windmill, you will find this lovely spot. Even in August, there were not too many tourists, probably because there are no bars and restaurants. I walk down here every time I visit Oia.

Color pencil drawing of cat in Emborio, Santorini

Color pencil drawing of a cat in the village Emborio, Santorini (Greece).
Size: 40 x 60cm.

For sale: € 850,- ex VAT. International shipping possible.

I visited Emborio for the first time in August 2011. Unbelievable, since I have been to Santorini at least 12 times!  And the old part of Emborio is beautiful! It was an eye-opener for me.
This cat looked at me as if it was saying: "I am completely at ease", while at the same time expressing that it was ready to jump up and escape if I got too close. I was intrigued by this expression, but also by the textures in the cat's fur, and in the wall and the ground. The coolness of the wall and ground, in contrast with the heat of the really hot day in August. And what a wonderful colour the wall is! An artist can't not see this!

dinsdag 6 december 2011

Stairway to heaven, colour pencil drawing

Original color pencil drawing of a stairway in Pyrgos on the island Santorini, Greece.
40x60cm, color pencils on paper. 

For sale: € 950,- ex VAT.. International shipping possible.

This picture was exhibited on Santorini, from August 1st - October 1st, at Aghios Artemios traditional houses in Vourvoulos, during the Santorini Biennale of Arts.

I found this wonderful spot on Santorini one day in 2010, when I traveled to Pyrgos from Perissa by bus. Pyrgos is a mountain village with an authentic character, and it's not too touristic. It has some wonderful views.

New drawing, colour pencils 40 x 60 cm

Colour pencil drawing (40 x 60cm), of own dog.
I found her in a bush, together with her brothers and sisters, in 2001 in Perissa, Santorini (Greece).
We had seen the puppies the night before, searching for food and adventure at the terrace of restaurant 'Lava'. There were always cats at Lava, so the owner was not keen on dogs...
The next morning, I got up early and went out to look for them. Their mother was also around, she was a very sweet black labrador mix. But there was little hope that the puppies would survive the winter since the mother's owner didn't want them in, or around his house. We called the local animal protection group, SAWA, They collected the puppies and took them to their shelter.
A few weeks later, our 3-month old puppy was living with us, and our two other Greek dogs, in Holland. She is almost 11 years old now. She is happy, fit and healthy and most probably the sweetest dog in the world.

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Drawing of a horse for Art Magazine 'Atelier'

Art Magazine 'Atelier' had asked me to provide an article on how to draw horses. They would like me to show 8 stages, from the beginning up to the final result. I will upload the stages soon!

An article on my work was published in this magazine once before, you can view it on my web site www.susanbrinkmann.com, under 'Publications'

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the horse I am drawing.