vrijdag 9 december 2011

Color pencil drawing of cat in Emborio, Santorini

Color pencil drawing of a cat in the village Emborio, Santorini (Greece).
Size: 40 x 60cm.

For sale: € 850,- ex VAT. International shipping possible.

I visited Emborio for the first time in August 2011. Unbelievable, since I have been to Santorini at least 12 times!  And the old part of Emborio is beautiful! It was an eye-opener for me.
This cat looked at me as if it was saying: "I am completely at ease", while at the same time expressing that it was ready to jump up and escape if I got too close. I was intrigued by this expression, but also by the textures in the cat's fur, and in the wall and the ground. The coolness of the wall and ground, in contrast with the heat of the really hot day in August. And what a wonderful colour the wall is! An artist can't not see this!

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